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The Studio

We designed Authentic Core Pilates studio to offer the optimal environment so your Pilates experience is maximized to its full potential. 


Our studio is equipped with five Reformers to provide the benefits associated with a group experience.  We also offer private one-on-one sessions for a direct, personal approach.  The beauty of a private class is to help focus on your needs, at our introductory sessions.  The individual approach is also helpful when progressing on to a new level of expertise. 


Complementing our centerpiece Pilates Reformers, the Wunda Chair, Bosu Ball and TRX are incorporated to offer the best training experience.

Andrea Head Shots-6.jpg
About Andrea

I have been fortunate to be blessed with opportunities to help people help themselves.   Starting out with massage therapy, out of my home and gradually growing into a therapeutic massage studio in a fitness club. 

From Massage Therapy it was on to skin care, and combining the two.  What a joy to witness people find the confidence to feel better about their bodies and putting their best face forward!  Now, Pilates!  This holistic approach offers a multitude of movements in medicine levels to folks of all fitness levels.  Come, check us out today!

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