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Renew Massage Therapy

I am Sarah Johnson and I look forward to working with you. At Renew Massage Therapy, LLC my hope is for every client to feel renewed after a massage therapy session. Renewed in body, heart and mind. Renewed for their day, week and month.

I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2000. How time flies! I realize this may sound cliche; however, I have enjoyed every day that I’ve worked. Really. I learn something each day; I love that. I am a forever student. I’m also a massage educator at PHD Academy. I have plenty of real-life scenarios to share with students, who will be my future colleagues in this beloved massage therapy field.

The past eight years I’ve enjoyed being part of a spa staff. Previous to that, I spent 11 years in the Twin Cities working in a wellness center as well as in conjunction with chiropractors. I am grateful for the learning and growing opportunities I experienced through those work environments.

At Renew Massage Therapy, each massage session is different depending on your needs, whether for relaxation (“swedish”) or firmer work (“deep tissue”), I customize with hot stones, cupping, and/or hot towels. I utilize a variety of techniques including, for example, myofascial release to address your needs for that session

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