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Moving to Eau Claire during a Pandemic, has been quite the transition. Things happen for reasons and my husband, and I are open to them.  We are excited to be close to our son and daughter-in-law and it’s also exciting to build a Pilates practice and introduce a Boutique Pilates Studio to Eau Claire.  This movement system is for every body and everyone.  If you’re working with Fibromyalgia, like I do, or if you’ve never workout before, have chronic issues, or are looking for something more challenging, everyone can get something out of Pilates. If you’re looking for strength, stability, stretch or stamina, my hope is, you will fall in love with Pilates, as I did.

I’ve been practicing Pilates for five years now and teaching Pilates for the past four years.  Having my Comprehensive Certification through Peak Pilates with 525 hours has been both difficult and rewarding at the same time because of the pandemic.  I’m also qualified to teach TRX, a suspension training system, and Yoga Barre.  Blending all three practices into my classes is what keeps it interesting.  Finding this new avenue for my passion has been a true gift for me and I’m hoping for other people as well. The Pilates community is so welcoming and encouraging.  One I’ve never quite found before.  It’s a non-judgement zone and everyone cheers for each other!  I look forward to being apart of this wonderful community and sharing Pilates.

Andrea Meidl

Authentic Core Pilates Owner & Founder

Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certified Instructor

(with over 525 hours of training)

Franklin Method Level 1 Certified 

Having an early exposure to working out from my mom, exercising has been something that’s been a part of my DNA.  Developing Fibromyalgia, movement is medicine for me.  Some exercise programs have been harder on my body than others, but I’ve always been in search for new things that would help my body feel and move better. 


Then I found Pilates! Just as Joseph Pilates said, “if you do Pilates 10 times you will feel the difference in your body and when you do it 20 times you will see the difference in your body”.  I did!  Working within our body's capabilities is always a process, but it’s easy to trust the process with Pilates.  You become more aware of where your body is in time and space.  

Being a Massage Therapist for 22 years, I’ve learned the body well. I love blending my experience with massage, into Pilates. It’s a natural progression for me: watching how a body moves, its imbalances and its perfections, all wrapped up in one.  I am a lifelong learner and there is so much to learn about the body, and I get to explore that with Pilates every day. I feel very blessed to be on this path. 


Heather Currier-Clark

Peak Pilates Comprehensive Level 2

Certified Instructor

In the summer of 2022, I decide to leave the stress of teaching high school biology and human anatomy and physiology and focus my attention on learning about the pilates method. Pilates makes me feel amazing and my interest and fascination borders on obsession. I cannot get enough. I continually make connections and find myself amazed how these movements affect the human body. It’s incredible! 

Pilates changed my life. I was injured, in pain, losing mobility, and getting weaker. I tried many forms of exercise throughout the years, and found nothing that impacted my physical well being like Pilates. I love how Pilates makes me feel and supports my active lifestyle allowing me to enjoy my family and friends and the outdoors. Through Peak Pilates, I completed my comprehensive certification level 2 training (450 hours and six (live trainings). I am continuing on my educational journey with level III, and I am also certified to teach TRX, suspension training system, and Spin. 

Where does this leave us? There is an us during the journey to healing. Through teaching, I want to share my passion with you. This community is uniquely uplifting and positive. We smile, we cheer each other on, we listen, we share. Joseph Pilates believed, “change happens through movement and movement heals.” I believe Pilates is a pathway to a lifestyle that will benefit you throughout ALL your years.

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